Plan your visit


The central (and the only) car park in the town of Karlštejn is on the left bank of the Berounka River, about 2 km from the castle


Karlštejn Castle was built as a mediaeval fortress and as such has a number of steps or narrow doorways. This can represent a challenge to disabled visitors or those with reduced mobility.

Disabled person in a wheelchair can only visit the castle interiors with an assistance of another person (carrying a wheelchair up and down the stairs etc.). We recommend to contact us in advance. We will gladly organise a special tour for you that would allow you enjoy the castle as much as possible. Please contact our booking department by phone: +420 311 681 617.

Unfortunately, without the assistance of another person, it is only possible to visit the main courtyard of the castle. 

The floor of the interior is smooth, paved. The stairs both in the interiors and exteriors of the castle are very high, all of them with railing. Tour 1 has 192 stairs (95 up and 97 down), Tour 2 is a bit challenging – 459 steps (222 up and 237 down). If you want to explore the Well Tower there are 73 steps from the main courtyard. There is no elevator at the castle.

The central car park is located in the town of Karlštejn, about 2 km from the castle. However, people with physical disabilities can use the car park for weddings, which is located about 300 m from the main gate. But do not forget to mark your vehicle (used by a person with a disability) with the international symbol of access (a wheelchair symbol). It is a permission to park your car there as well as to drive through the pedestrian zone in the town of Karlštejn. The maximum speed in the pedestrian zone is 20 km/h.

Warning: All cars that are parked at the upper car park (for weddings) are monitored on a regular basis by police. Unauthorised parking is penalised.

From the First Gate, a dusty, stony path will lead you up to the Second Gate and to the Main Courtyard. For people with reduced mobility, this part may require the assistance of another person. The Main Courtyard is paved with stones.

Toilets are located in the basement of the Imperial Palace and are adapted for wheelchair users, but accessed via several low and long (originally equestrian) stairs about 10 cm high. Toilets are open during the opening hours of the castle only.



Dogs may be taken into the area of Karlštejn Castle only with a lead and a muzzle. Although your animal friend might be well-behaved, one never knows what happens if a small child wants to play with the dog... Especially in the high season the castle courtyard is overcrowded. We therefore ask you to be considerate to other visitors. We are sorry to declare no pet shall be allowed entrance to the interiors of the castle (including animals carried in the bag). Thank you for your understanding.


If you come to visit the castle by bike you can use bike stands in the Main Courtyard. We´re doing our best to improve all the services including those for cyclists. However, Karlštejn Castle is still a medieval fortress and as such has its limits. We kindly ask you to respect that – please use bike stands only and do not lean your bikes against walls of historic buildings or railing.

Professional restoration and reconstruction then require considerable sums of money.

If you have a bike with SPD pedals and you use SPD boots, please change your shoes before entering the castle interiors. SPD boots leave scratches on the surface of the historic floor and therefore you´re not allowed to enter when wearing them. Thank you for your understanding.


Right on the Main Courtyard, you can find a wide range of drinks, coffee, confectionery, ice cream and other refreshments. For lunch or dinner, you can go to one of many local restaurants in the town of Karlštejn.